E34: B2B Influencer Marketing with Tom Augenthaler

This episode, I’m joined by Founder and Principal Influencer Marketing Consultant of 551 Media Tom Augenthaler to talk about how influencer marketing can be used in business, the difference between B2B and B2C influencers, and why using the right influencers is so important.

It’s all about the hook

When trying to engage a prospect for your agency, how do you connect with them? Perhaps you’re sending them a cold email or message on LinkedIn. Either way, what’s in the message? Is it a laundry list of things your firm offers that they might want to buy? If so, you aren’t just scaring them … Read more

E32: Outsourcing Work as a Startup with VEMTECH’s Halima Wanamaker

This episode, I’m joined by Halima Wanamaker to discuss how she created her cyber security startup, found her initial clients and sped up her startups growth trajectory through outsourcing work and building a team. Halima Wanamaker is the Founder of VEMTECH, where she helps small to medium sized organizations embrace technology to make their businesses … Read more

E31: Effective Digital Marketing with Fall Line Digital’s Rebecca Babicz

This episode, I’m joined by Rebecca Babicz to discuss how she started her digital marketing agency, the common advertising mistakes online retail sellers make, and the necessary steps you need to take before you start advertising online. Rebecca Babicz is the Founder of Fall Line Digital where she combines the art of storytelling with the … Read more

E28: Lead generation on LinkedIn with Joseph Polanin

This episode, I’m joined by Joseph Polanin from The Alaka’i Leadership Group to discuss how he started his consultancy business, the power of LinkedIn for lead generation, and how to nurture your relationships on the platform. Joseph Polanin has over 20 years of experience in business operations & global strategy leadership, with an integral part … Read more

E27: Building a Company Focused on Teamwork with Company Counsel LLC’s Bernard Williams

This episode, I’m joined by Bernard Williams from Company Counsel LLC to discuss how he started his law firm, the benefits of working with a team, and the issues with the traditional self-centered growth model most lawyers use. Bernard Williams is an accomplished, versatile, and widely experienced attorney with a reputation for excellence in legal … Read more