Building a Company Focused on Teamwork with Company Counsel LLC’s Bernard Williams

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From Naval Special Warfare to Starting a Consulting Business with Stay True Operations Design’s Kristy Nilsson

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The Significance of Understanding Demographics for Business Strategy with founder and CEO of The Super Age™’s Bradley Schurman

I’m joined by the founder and author of The Super Age™, Bradley Schurman to discuss how the demographic shift affects this generation’s businesses and how to work together to improve overall operational efficiencies. Bradley Schurman, a demographic futurist, is the Founder and CEO of The Super Age – a research and advisory firm specializing in … Read more

How to Avoid Bad Clients with Cann Strategy’s Juliana Whitney

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How To Keep A Continuous Workflow with M. Taffer Consulting’s Marissa Taffer

This episode, I’m joined by Founder and CEO of VV Global Partners Virgilia Virjoghe to discuss the impact strategic partnerships have had on her business, and how she utilizes social media to find clients and form partnerships… Virgilia Virjoghe is the Founder and CEO of VV Global Partners, a multiple-award-winning Global Brand Strategist, Media contributor, … Read more

How Podcasting Can Help Business Development with Shawn Swaim

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Using Public Speaking for Lead Generation with Supply Chain Advisor’s Jit Hinchman

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How to be more Proactive with your Recruiting with HireLevel Advisory’s Mark Wojcik

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