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E197: Mastering Influencer Marketing: Glewee’s Dynamic Approach

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dive into the influencer cosmos as Christian Brown unpacks Glewee’s journey, a platform marrying creativity with commerce. Discover the art of attracting creators, working with brands, and the potent strategy that skyrocketed their user base by 900%. Tune in for a reveal of the top marketing lessons from Glewee’s playbook!

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.

  • Strategy for a dual-sided market.
  • Achieving success with tailored outreach.
  • Enhancing creator engagement through gamification.
  • Maintaining equilibrium between influencers & brands.
  • Scaling mass reach without payment barriers.


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  • 22:14 – My next thing is be very true to who you are and what your team is. We’ve learned this quite a long ways down the road is that brands want to come to us, not only because we have a social media platform, but because we know social media and us as a founding team and as a team of mentors and leaders within our company, what we preach and what we speak to our brands and to our users is what we want the best for everybody. And so I think that there’s such genuine intent with what we do.
  • 03:11 – So with the double-sided marketplace, when we once had this platform ID on sticky notes, prelaunch, pre-beta, pre-anything, we thought with the question how are we gonna crack the chicken and egg? And we thought about it and we said, well we were 22 and 21 at the time when we first launched the platform. And we said, well let’s leverage what we have. We have our network, we’ve worked with hundreds of creators already and we understand what creators and influencers want out of a platform. They want to be able to track their stats, they want to be able to see how much money they can make, they wanna apply for more campaigns and they wanna work with more brands to create these posts and get paid. 
  • 18:51 – I think what it was, was the interest in activity on site. And so we have our platform that we obviously have our website and we call it the mother site. And we were getting so much activity on site and so many different clicks and views to our education guides, YouTube videos and that world around like what Glewee means from an influencer marketing perspective. That to us, the only way to actually count that as what we would think is like part one of a conversion is getting them into a demo form. And these brands, these businesses, these social media marketers, these startup founders were saying, I want to do a demo.