Is Your Sales Team Struggling With Growth?


Control lead volume
Sell through marketing
Grow your firm efficiently

Is Your Marketing Firm Struggling With Growth?

Control lead volume

Sell through marketing

Grow your firm efficiently

Imagine Having The Clients You Want When You Want Them

Guest Booking

Stop worrying about when you’re going to meet your next prospect.

Design & Build

Delegate the responsibility of building the podcast of your dreams.


We’ll manage everything and coach you on landing new clients.

“With a predictable volume of leads I can finally focus on growth”

What if you could set a dial to the volume of leads your marketing firm needs to maintain ideal growth? Partnering with us means you won’t have to worry about business development and instead can focus on growth.

You’ll Be Proud Of Your Podcast

Your prospects want to be a guest on your future podcast. Which means you’re about to have the most effective hook to connect with future clients than you’ve ever had

Long Story

Consulting with

Masters in
Marketing Agency

Values Our Customers Appreciate

Growth-minded marketers appreciate solving the ‘lead gen’ problem

Guest Booking

We’ll fill your calendar with potential prospects that are ready to record

Professional Design

Our team of experts will design and build a show that will make you proud

Quick Turnaround

Your dedicated team will turn around podcast tasks in 1-2 business days

Sales Training

We’ll help show you how to turn guest and listeners into paying customers

Podcast Training

We’ll train you on how to become an effortless interviewer in no time at all


You own everything we produce and can take it with you at anytime

Your Lead Generation & Podcasting Team For a Fraction of the Cost

Are you paying for lead generation that isn’t even working? They’re probably just spamming people and scarring your reputation. Podcast Chef will provide you with experts that deliver results the way you always wanted them.

We’ll Manage All Those “Easy To Use” Prospecting and Podcasting Tools To Save You Countless Hours

Your tech stack is growing exponentially trying to manage this process. We’re constantly refining our system so you get a system that works in record time without having to do any configuration on your own.

It Only Works If You Say It Does

Here from the people we’ve been lucky to help who say it does.
We’re incredibly grateful to take the journey with them.

Scott Cantrell

“We’ve received a greater than 5X return on investment from what we’ve spent working with Podcast Chef.“
Jeff Sirkin

“Within the last 6 months alone, we have generated over $150K in revenue directly attributed to our podcast. It has been a ton of fun to do and the ROI is off the charts!”

You’ve Wanted To Solve This Problem Since
You Started Your Business

There’s no time like the present. Hire your rockstar team today!