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Let Podcast Chef build a revenue generating podcast for your B2B service business.

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Your business depends on relationships to grow


Expand your influence. Build your audience. Meet incredible people in your industry. Find clients.

Organic Content

High quality content is in demand. When listeners find a source of insightful and engaging content, they talk about it with others.

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How PodcastChef works

You have something to say. We’ll be your production team. PodcastChef provides a dedicated podcast manager, equipment, and guidance every step of the way. The final product is always an engaging, natural conversation that audiences love and you’ll be proud to share.
step 1
Design & Setup

First, identify your ideal audience, create a cool name, and design your show. We also work on the secret sauce - ads that showcase your business.

step 2

Select your new gadgets based on your needs. Our pre-packaged equipment sets are sent straight to your door. You’ll be cooking in no time.

step 3

Watch our on-demand training videos when your schedule allows. Guidance and custom show templates make recording easy and fun.

step 4
Book Guests

We’ll look at your market and help you identify influencers that you want to talk to and then book them for you.

step 5

You send your raw audio and we’ll send you a compeleted, professional podcast episode with show notes.

step 6
Sharing & Marketing

We share each episode with your team and guests to maximize the marketing impact.
Before you know it, it will be available everywhere.

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