Lead Generation Done For You That Actually Works

Not sure how to generate leads for your consulting business?

You hustled like crazy to get a few clients, but now you’re busy keeping those clients happy which means you have to stop looking for more. Eventually, those engagements end and you PANIC because you don’t have clients lined up to replace them.

Your team is small, maybe even a team of one. How are you supposed to do two jobs at the same time? You can’t help the clients you have and find new clients simultaneously.

You’re driving yourself mad trying to do two jobs at once. As a result, you go through phases of being busy then not. It’s feast or famine. Your earnings are taking a hit and you don’t know if you can keep it up…

You love what you do, but lead generation and sales makes you think REAL hard sometimes about giving it up and going back to working for someone else instead.

Imagine a world where your
clients come to you

Picture this – 6 months from now you are meeting so many new prospects who need what you do that you either need to slow down or scale to keep up.

You’re now as busy as you want to be and making more money than ever before – WAY more than when you used to work for someone else.

Your clients are happy, your financial advisor is happy and most importantly YOU are happy.

Get a lead generation system that works AND doesn’t slow you down

Get off the rollercoaster – you need a system that can produce real leads that won’t take you away from your client work. You need a platform that enables you to become an authority in your space so your message reaches the right audience. What you need is a podcast. Why?

  • Your clients want to be a guest on your podcast
  • You can demonstrate your authority on your show
  • You’ll turn guests and listeners into clients

Here’s How It Works

We’ll learn about your client, their problems and how you solve them. Then we’ll build a show around you so you can talk about solving their problems during each episode. Over time, you’ll build an audience of listeners FULL of new prospects for your business.

We’ll use your podcast as a powerful hook to fill your calendar up with prospect meetings. You’ll build relationships and authority by recording episodes. Over time, you’ll convert a certain percentage of guests AND listeners into new clients.

We’ll handle everything from training you to be a rockstar host to designing, building and managing your ENTIRE show.

Sample Podcasts

Would you like to see some samples of the work we’ve done for others just like you?
Check out a few of the options below to learn more.

Long Story Short

Consulting with Authority

People Analytics

Ready To Get Started?

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that we can change your business for the better that we’re willing to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If after the first month of working with us, you aren’t impressed, we’ll refund your payment in full.

Aren’t Convinced Yet?

Hear From Some of Our Very Happy Clients…

“We’ve received a greater than 5X return on investment from what we’ve spent working with Podcast Chef.”

– Scott Cantrell

“Within the last 6 months alone, we have generated over $150K in revenue directly attributed to our podcast. It has been a ton of fun to do and the ROI is off the charts!”

– Jeff Sirkin

Still Have Questions?

A booking link will be emailed to you where you can schedule you kick-off session with us. We’ll dive into everything and immediately start filling your calendar up with prospect meetings and designing your new podcast.

Not a problem at all!  We convert people who have absolutely 0 experience into excellent podcast hosts in no time.  We’ll coach you every step of the way.  Before you know it, you’ll be a pro.

Nope!  We do 100% of the audio and video editing for you.

Nope!  We do that as well.  We also listen to every single one of the episodes you record so we can produce the results for you and provide coaching along the way.

Meet new prospects and record awesome episodes :).  That’s it.  We handle literally everything else.  You get to do the fun stuff and we do everything else exactly the way you want it done.

We expect you to start meeting new prospects very quickly.  As soon as you are ready, we’ll begin filling up your calendar.  The more quickly you get comfortable the faster you’ll start receiving an ROI (return on investment) working with us.  Every single one of our clients has received a return of at least 200% of what they’ve invested working with us.

No problem.  Shoot me an email at sean@podcastchef.com so I can answer them for you.

Who are you guys, anyway?

I’m glad you asked :). My name is Sean Boyce and I started podcasting years ago. I needed a way off of the rollercoaster of searching for clients, getting busy delivering work then panicking when I ran out of clients again! I went through a few iterations of scrambling to find new clients before I had enough! I needed a change so I got busy figuring out a better solution.

In person networking was effective, but crazy time consuming and just didn’t scale then the pandemic hit and that option all but went away entirely. Next, I tried ‘lead generation’ services and all they did was spam people and I was left with little to no progress. Then I experimented with podcasting and everything changed.

I realized that podcasting is a powerful hook, a way to build yourself as an authority AND a way to make clients come to you (but without the used car sales person sleaziness!). It was what I was always looking for, a genuine way to network with people and build real relationships within my target market. Before I knew it, I had clients coming to me for help and they already trusted me because they’d been listening to me for months or even years.

I know it works because I’ve used it not just for one of my businesses, but ALL of them and it continues to work very well to this day. It is STILL my primary way of generating leads and producing excellent organic marketing content. Now I want to share these same results with you.

Don’t wait, your clients
need your help!

But they are being pestered on social media by your competition. They ignore those messages, but they’ll ignore yours as well unless you are offering them value with what Podcast Chef can do for your business.

Still not sure?
Email me at sean@podcastchef.com and we can make time to talk it out.

My 100% money back guarantee: if you work with us for the first month and are disappointed with the results, I’ll refund ALL of your money.

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