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E198: The Global Seller’s Playbook: Amazon Success with Andrew Morgans

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dive into entrepreneurship across continents as we chat with Andrew Morgans, a marketing expert with a mission. From a childhood in Africa to pioneering Amazon’s selling space, Andrew’s tale is nothing short of inspiring. Tune in for a masterclass on building brands, adapting strategies, and connecting through commerce.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.

  • Born in Africa, raised by missionaries.
  • Dislike networking job, joined a startup.
  • Grew toy company sales by millions.
  • Top 10 world marketers on Upwork.
  • Pioneered services side of Amazon selling.


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  • 15:38 – And so whenever they get clients and they’re looking for a larger agency or a partner to do some of the other work or things like that, I’ve just spent a lot of time creating great relationships there. I feel like that’s what I brought to the table outside of being kind of a, just a geek around this stuff was relationship building growing up that way. Growing up the way I grew up is like relationships are everything. It’s kinda what I was taught and I just leaned on that. I didn’t definitely, I knew zero entrepreneurs when I started this journey. I zoom, I knew zero business people when I started this journey.
  • 23:29 – I thought I knew yesterday, I don’t know today, you know, we’ve had pandemics happen, we’ve had inflation happen, we’ve had new presidents, we’ve had all different types of stuff happening that just changes the temperature of your customers, the changes, the temperature of your buying platform and you have to be able to adjust and just, you know, try new things.
  • 21:52 – Whenever you’re first learning out to market, you just think like through the lens of you, you know? And if that can help you in your first idea, maybe your second idea about, as you start adding hundreds of brands or projects that you’re working on, you have to quickly realize that you are not the target market of all times. And you can’t always think like you do. So take a step back. A lot of times when you’re thinking about a project, if you’re helping somebody else or doing your own, there’s a big difference. Marketing number one, marketing number two, keep it fresh and don’t get stale.
  • 13:37 – It’s been a great way to grow and market my business and it’s changed, it’s pushed me to do podcasting and things like that as well as, you know, learning B2B marketing or B2B message is different than being amazing at Google PPC or Amazon ads or, you know, whatever it is. it’s been iterations of websites. It’s been tons of partner networking. 
  • 06:11 – There’s more voices out there in the business community saying this is the truth. This is what you should be doing, this is the future of business. This is e-commerce. Amazon is not going anywhere. Amazon can make you have a profitable business. You can tell your brand story on Amazon. Amazon isn’t just gonna cannibalize your website.