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E196: Rebecca Spills the Beans on Marketing & Growth

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dive into the vibrant world of startup marketing with Rebecca Fulton from Kliken. Discover the agility of startup culture, the art of crafting a brand’s identity, and the intricacies of channel partnerships in this episode that’s packed with insider insights and strategies for fostering business growth.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.

  • Flexibility in startup marketing.
  • Crafting a brand’s identity.
  • Tackling channel partnership growth.
  • Overcoming marketing challenges.
  • Insights on content strategy.


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  • 08:42 – Our CEO has been really instrumental in fostering those channel relationships and the partnerships throughout the years. So he’s really kind of the frontline for that conversation. But we also, we have meetings or emails either weekly, monthly, quarterly with a lot of our business partners and say, okay, well what are you hearing that your customers need? How can we help that solution? Are you hearing that they need something we’re not providing? And so we honestly are very interactive and we communicate a lot with our partners to make sure that what we’re offering is solving a problem versus just assuming that everything is good as is.
  • 20:47 – And the third thing is not to spread yourself too thin. Again, there are a thousand different ways to market something. Don’t try and do every shiny new platform that’s out there. Don’t try and make every type of content that is possible. I’m personally more of a content marketer than anything else, and I’ve learned that trying to create content that is more spread thin than, you know, very helpful, is kind of the downfall. So know where you want it, know who your audience is, know the type of content that they want and don’t, and don’t be everything to everyone.
  • 04:36 – And I found that if you go to the employees or the executives and say, okay, this is what I found. This is the trend that I see. These are the issues that I think that we can solve for, very easily. And this is kind of our low hanging fruit. It’s very simple to get them all on board. The question, the more taxing problem, I suppose is that sometimes it’s how we message it after that. So it’s not as hard to get people on board with saying, okay, yeah, I agree that these are our problems or these are the things we can work on, or these are the things that are our strong suits.
  • 11:31 – I would say that a majority of our business comes direct from those channel partnerships. And that’s again, because we built our business working with channels. We built our business working with partners and making sure that we had a solution that they could use for their customers. So that is why a majority of what we’ve always done has been part of channel. Now the direct-to-market stuff is growing. As I mentioned, click and ads is a newer product. It’s only been out on the market for less than a year. And so I expect that that will grow significantly over time.
  • 05:32 – Rebecca: It’s more of how do we then move forward and kind of adjust messaging or, you know, shift if we need to.
    Brian: So now you’re working at Kliken and so what makes that business kind of hard to market?
    Rebecca: So Kliken is an online marketing platform. The thing that makes it hard to market is that it’s an online marketing platform. There are a lot of them out there. People are often very confused as to who to choose, should they go with an agency? What’s the difference between agency and a DIY platform, which is essentially what we are.