E163: Spice Up Your Podcast Fun Hacks & No-Gos!

In this lively session, we explore creative tactics to infuse fun back into your podcasting routine without overcomplicating it. Discover quirky segment ideas, the magic of playful questions, and what pitfalls to avoid to keep your passion for podcasting burning bright. Key Points• Inject fun with new segments• Try silly, rapport-building Q&A• Beware of unsustainable … Read more

E164: How much is too much?

How do you manage the balance between fun and professionalism. Get insider tips on preserving your brand’s message without compromising entertainment. Don’t let your podcast turn into a fiction story; we’re carving the path back to value! Key Points• Fun versus message in podcasts• Pivot or reboot an off-track show• Strategies for show value consistency• … Read more

E162: Podcasting as Play Learn from Games & Kids!

Learn how treating your podcast like a game can lead to growth, fun, and creative freedom—no extra lives needed! Key Points• Embrace fun in podcasting• Gaming insights for podcasters• No fear of mistakes• Play with podcast formats• Constant growth mindset Best Quotes00:01 – 00:07 • “In a recent episode, we talked about the importance of … Read more

E161: Creating Meaningful Connections through Experiences

In this episode, Robert Drury, CEO of Cartwheel & Co. Marketing an experiential marketing veteran, discusses the importance and impact of experiential marketing in the entertainment industry. He highlights how experiential events create meaningful connections with brands and the role of social media in amplifying these experiences. Rob also talks about the challenges and opportunities … Read more

E160: The Business Case for Fun

Discover why enjoyment is your secret weapon for creating compelling content and attracting listeners. Learn tips to up the ‘fun quotient’ and make your show a thrilling ride. Who says serious podcasts can’t be seriously enjoyable? Tune in and transform your podcasting journey! Key Points• Fun in podcasting equals better content• Laughter leads to interesting … Read more

E159: Clients on Air Boosting Your Brand with Success Stories

Dive into the art of using customer success to enhance your podcast’s credibility! We’ll dissect the strategic invitation of satisfied clients to your show, discussing ideal timing, enticing invite tactics, and navigating potential pitfalls. Tune in for insider tips on leveraging social proof in podcasting! Key Points• Social proof is podcasting gold• Quick wins amplify … Read more

E158: No Baiting, Just Connecting

Dive into the delicate dance of turning podcast guests into clients without the awkward bait-and-switch. Discover how to harness genuine connections and let prospects lead the conversation into sales territory—all while maintaining integrity and building solid relationships. Key Points• Avoid bait-and-switch tactics• Let prospects initiate sales talk• Build relationships, not pressure• Delay sales pitch for … Read more

E157: Finding Podcast Gold & Winning Clients

Dive into the art of the screening call as our host unveils the key to unlocking the potential in podcast guests and prospects alike. Learn about the vital questions that shape narratives and how earnest listening can transform your discovery process. Whether for your show or sales pipeline, this episode is a goldmine of insights! … Read more

E156: The AI Agency Shake-Up with John Elder

Dive into the future of creative advertising with John Elder as he unveils the AI-driven evolution at Supernatural. Discover how mixing machine precision with human talent is not just a buzz but the current reality. John demystifies AI as a catalyst for advertising agencies, discussing the blend of data, strategy, and creativity for delivering impactful … Read more

E155: Prospect or Guest? Mastering the Podcast Pre-Interview

Dive into the podcasting playbook with tips on conducting effective screening calls to find ideal guests and referral partners. Learn the secrets to teasing out your prospects’ skills, ensuring a captivating episode, and turning initial conversations into powerful networking opportunities – all in 30 minutes or less! Key Points• Prep for the perfect guest• 15-30 … Read more