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E192: Business Growth & Social Strategy: A Chat with CEO Beth Trejo

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dive into a dynamic chat with Beth Trejo, CEO of Chatterkick, as she unveils the transformative journey from boardrooms to the digital world. Discover marketing insights, evolving business strategies, and the social spark igniting company growth.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.

  • Beth unveils Chatterkick’s origin story.
  • Powerful SEO tips hidden in plain sight.
  • Social media’s role in business hiring.
  • Venturing from local to national circuits
  • Strategy shift: from high-volume to consultative sales.


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  • 19:16 –  Number one is be curious. Always like want to learn more. I think that’s really important. Another is to be kind. You never know what someone’s going through on the other end of that conversation, whether it’s a real conversation or it’s a social media conversation. And I think the third is to make sure that you respond, call them back. When they call you, call them back, whatever that looks like. I think too many businesses just ignore their digital phones and they’re real people on the other end of this. And I think if you really wanna make business work on social media, you have to form those real human connections.
  • 11:27 – I think right now just our field in marketing as a whole is shifting. And I think it will continue. It has, it’s always evolved and we’re still gonna need people to help tell businesses stories. Like, I don’t think that there’s going to be a fall or demise of marketing, but I think the way that we’re doing it on behalf of businesses is changing at a very, very fast pace. And social media is still a big category of how individuals, especially individuals under the age of 40, want to interact with brands, but businesses are not embracing it at the pace that they really, that their customers want.
  • 15:08 – There is all of this other stuff that comes up. And if you don’t create that presence for your business, someone else will. Your employees will create it on Glassdoor, your customers will be posting about you on TikTok, you’re gonna get out there. But it’s just a matter of like, who do you want to tell that story? And sometimes businesses make the strategic choice not to be in that spot, and that’s their call. 
  •  15:43 – What drives me crazy is when businesses are using preconceived notions or assumptions about their customers without actually going through that journey themselves. Like, have you tried to apply to your own jobs? Have you tried to go through your website and be a customer? Can you find your phone number? and it’s those type of things that I think are the big biggest misses that a lot of businesses are just blindsided with.
  • 09:51 – You need to make sure you know how to hire the right type of salesperson. In the beginning, we hired high-volume salespeople. And I always call, that’s like the hunting dog mindset, right? Just like, go get ’em, go get ’em, go get ’em. And those individuals were great, but because they like need that constant drip of dopamine from a sale, they would sell things that sometimes we didn’t even offer, or they would sell things incorrectly because they just wanted the sale. And so we kind of got into a spot where we had to say, hold up. We need someone who can really consul, consultative sell this service. We need them to really understand enough about digital marketing and the tools that we’re using. And really they need to want the sale not just for the money, but because they know it’s going to be a long-term partnership.