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E191: Crafting Success: Innovative Podcasting Strategies Unveiled

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dive into the dynamic world of podcast marketing with Ilana from Heard of Media and host Brian Mattocks. Uncover the secrets of audience building, relationship forging in B2B podcasting, and the subtle art of podcast promotion. Explore media landscapes and tactics that turn the microphone’s magic into a thriving listener base.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.

  • Boost podcasts by swapping promos.
  • Audience growth is a slow burn.
  • Use YouTube for podcast SEO.
  • Audience indicators for podcast growth.
  • Testing content for audience appeal.


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  • 24:56 – You bring up an important point and I think it’s something to be mindful of for our listeners and that is that even in many ways what’s defined as a podcast is now changing, right? It’s no longer just an audio that people can listen to while they go for right. It’s now an audio plus a video channel plus a TikTok stream plus this, that, and the other thing. And with all of those sort of silos coming down, you have to understand that you’re now playing in a media landscape. It’s not just that niche conversation and in a media landscape, there’s folks that have been in that a lot longer than you have out there doing this work. There are some things that even experienced podcasters can learn about the way media operates to help grow and engage an audience in a meaningful way.
  • 9:13 – Advertising data shows that people traditionally are more likely to buy from a host red ad that they hear in a podcast from a, you know, someone they follow regularly. And by follow, I mean their podcast, necessarily their socials or whatnot, right? They’re hearing it in their ears or on the YouTube, on the YouTube channel. Like, I love this product, buy it because that’s one of the reasons advertisers love podcasting and that sort of share of ears so much.
  • 22:15 – And in success, you’ll be able to go on those bigger shows where you can get bigger hits at once. The other thing I think is just a misconception and again I think I did mention this earlier, is social media is great for brand awareness, really hard for it to bring in actual new listeners and downloads. I do think YouTube is changing that a little bit, changing that game. So that’s the other big conversation right now in podcasting.
  • 30:52 – Brian: In your marketing journey so far, what are your three biggest lessons that you’ve learned? Ilana: Don’t be afraid to test. If you have the bandwidth to do it, be very mindful of how your paid, earned, and owned. Opportunities inform and play against each other. So be ready to continuously optimize and scale those to raise your profile and also your audience not duplicate efforts in the different spaces. ’cause they do overlap a lot and you know, I think you don’t need to be on every social platform, but finding the platform that you get the most engagement from with the audience you’re targeting or knowing where your audience is, is really where you should be investing your time and your content and adjusting it specific to that audience.
  • 13:34 – One of the things with brands that I didn’t really focus on earlier, but is a strategic way to think about podcasts especially if you’re videoing your podcast, you can break that up and use it as content across all the platforms that your brand exists on. So, you know, you can take this interview and cut it up into moments add subtitles, I mean add copy to the screen and put it in it, it shows up in people’s feeds, right? And you highlight whatever you’re talking about again and see what is resonating and what people are following.