Lead generation on LinkedIn with Joseph Polanin

This episode, I’m joined by Joseph Polanin from The Alaka’i Leadership Group to discuss how he started his consultancy business, the power of LinkedIn for lead generation, and how to nurture your relationships on the platform. Joseph Polanin has over 20 years of experience in business operations & global strategy leadership, with an integral part … Read more

Building a Company Focused on Teamwork with Company Counsel LLC’s Bernard Williams

This episode, I’m joined by Bernard Williams from Company Counsel LLC to discuss how he started his law firm, the benefits of working with a team, and the issues with the traditional self-centered growth model most lawyers use. Bernard Williams is an accomplished, versatile, and widely experienced attorney with a reputation for excellence in legal … Read more

From Naval Special Warfare to Starting a Consulting Business with Stay True Operations Design’s Kristy Nilsson

This episode, I’m joined by Kristy Nilsson from Stay True Operations Design to discuss the difference between military and civilian life, how she started her consultancy firm after leaving the military, and different lead generation techniques. Kristy Nilsson graduated with a Master’s Degree in Education and a specialty in Instructional Design for adult learners, before … Read more

The Significance of Understanding Demographics for Business Strategy with founder and CEO of The Super Age™’s Bradley Schurman

I’m joined by the founder and author of The Super Age™, Bradley Schurman to discuss how the demographic shift affects this generation’s businesses and how to work together to improve overall operational efficiencies. Bradley Schurman, a demographic futurist, is the Founder and CEO of The Super Age – a research and advisory firm specializing in … Read more

How to Avoid Bad Clients with Cann Strategy’s Juliana Whitney

This episode, I’m joined by Juliana Whitney from Cann Strategy to discuss how she became a cannabis consultant, how to know if a client is going to be difficult to work with, and why she started the product-based service Leefsheets. Juliana Whitney is the Founder of Cann Strategy and Leefsheets and has been a uniquely … Read more

Coaching or Consulting with MPower2Lead’s Dr. Mike Palanski

This episode, I’m joined by Dr. Mike Palanski from MPower2Lead to discuss why he prefers a coaching work structure to a traditional consulting framework, ways we can reduce time spent on business development and marketing, and the value of having your own coach. Dr. Mike Palanski is a Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology … Read more

How to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with Sales Conservatory’s Mark Tuggle

This episode, I’m joined by Dr. Mark Tuggle from Sales Conservatory to discuss different marketing activities, how we can compare the effectiveness of each one, and how to maintain active marketing when you’re busy with client work. Dr. Mark Tuggle is a consultant, learning facilitator, and Co-Founder of Sales Conservatory.Mark mostly serves sales professionals and … Read more