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E194: Unlocking Hard-to-Market Success: Garrett Hammonds’ Digital Marketing Triumphs

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dive into the marketing mind of Garrett Hammonds! From teacher aspirations to a marketing maestro, Garrett unravels his journey and spills secrets about standing out in digital marketing. Discover B2B success, conference ROI, and crafting relationships that convert. Get your notepads ready!

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.

  • From teaching to marketing guru.
  • Niche focus in digital marketing.
  • ROI tracking in corporate events.
  • Relationship building in B2B.
  • Tools & insights for marketing success.


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  • 08:38 – We didn’t need something as large scale like a Salesforce or you know, a larger plan on something like a HubSpot. So ActiveCampaign helps us be able to automate what we need to keep people flowing through the pipeline. And that’s where we keep up with the lifetime value as well. Other things that we use as tracking measures, we do use Zoom Info as a tool. So we know if companies that we have been keeping up with have visited our website, connects up perfect to GA IV and actually passes those parameters into the reports that we can have there. And then we also use Mixpanel. That one’s gonna be just kind of a secondary backup to some of our other tracking. So if something ever goes down, we have mixed panel that can, you know, kind of act as a act as another system to pull in.
  • 11:47 –  Being a digital marketing agency, we have some different ways in which, you know, we’ve pulled in clients through free Google Ads audits and you know, there’s all kinds of different pathways that we employ. But I think at the heart of all of that, even when looking at any kind of digital piece, it’s always gonna need to come back to a core objective of how can I connect with these businesses, these business owners, the people, the humans on the other side, and really listen to the needs that they have and are we a good fit for helping them? And that’s where that relationship piece comes in.
  • 10:14 – Garrett: Most of the ones we’ve gone to have been a big success though. But we’ve gone to specific industry conferences for the verticals that we serve. So staying away from more general professional conferences and going to very, very specific industry vertical conferences.
    Brian: So you’re using those conferences to nurture relationships, you’re continuing to grow the referrals you already had and you’re increasing your lifetime value for your current client base. And I think that’s like,as a three-legged stool, that’s a really a great approach.
  • 17:45 – Other clients, people are just searching for very, very specific things on search engines you know, finding a very specific industry publication, we’ve crossed over at times with traditional marketing and magazine things. It really just depends and it’s really important for anybody who’s trying to market their business to know your market and what it looks like and know your audience. And it’s gonna be one of my, one of my big themes that you may hear from me that, that relationship that links back to knowing your audience.
  • 20:22 – It’s central because the audience at the end of the day, drives demand and their needs, whether they are always initially aware of them or not, their needs are the thing that is going to make it to where you can actually provide solutions for them. Not make sales, but offer solutions. And I think that’s key as well, knowing your skills and your tools. One of the most foundational things that have helped me grow in my career has been this one, knowing tools. I didn’t of course graduate with a marketing degree