E183: E-commerce Mavericks: From Start-Up To Powerhouse

Jump into the vibrant journey of Shoppable’s creation with Founder Heather Udo. Unveil the strategies behind securing powerhouse clients like the Wall Street Journal, fostering advisory networks, and scaling a unique three-sided marketplace. Dive in for the savvy insights on profit, sales, and team-building that propelled her start-up to thrive against all odds. Here are … Read more

E182: Transatlantic Shift: Scaling a Tech Biz in the US Market

Join host Brian Mattocks in an exhilarating deep dive with Jordi Negre on Dantex Group’s ambitious transition from Europe to the US. Jordi unpacks the strategic gamble of relocating headquarters, embracing a SaaS model, and gearing up for an aggressive expansion. Expect insider insights on scaling a business amidst cultural shifts, fundraising, and the art … Read more

E181: From Comedian to CEO: Branding with a Laugh

Dive into Jared Miller’s transformation from actor to digital marketing maestro on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast. Discover the origins of That Funny Agency (TFA) and how humor powers serious marketing strategy. Hang on for an infotainment ride through agency life with storytelling at its core. Here are a few of the topics … Read more

E180: Riding the Google Wave: A Law Firm Marketer’s Saga

Dive into the world of legal marketing with Brendan Chard, Owner of The Modern Firm as he reveals the secrets to thriving in a niche that resists the usual marketing gimmicks. From his accidental beginnings to forming deep-rooted client relationships, Brendan’s journey is a lesson in growing a boutique agency against all odds. Tune in … Read more

E179: Behind the Hype: Real Talk with Good Moose’s Daniel Romano

Dive into the candid world of growth marketing with Daniel Romano Co-founder & CEO of Good Moose, a maverick agency reshaping the industry’s landscape. Discover trade secrets, the value of diversity, and how authentic relationship-building trumps templates. Get the insider scoop on how this agency turns marketing norms on its head for out-of-the-box success. Here … Read more

E178: Marketing Magic: Navigating NPR’s Sponsorship Maze

Dive into the intricate world of NPR’s sponsorship marketing with industry vet Lamar Johnson. Discover the balancing act between maintaining editorial integrity and embracing innovations like influencers. From viral memes to niche podcasts, uncover how NPR cultivates cultural participation and attracts a dream demographic for marketers. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss … Read more

E177: Stop marketing and start relating

Great marketing emphasizes meaningful relationships over mere transactions. Discover how becoming a beacon of care, rather than a loudspeaker for sale, can transform your business ethos and skyrocket customer loyalty. Tune in and let’s make marketing personal! Key Points• People-centric marketing focus• Deepen and strengthen connections• Shift from revenue to relationships• Nurturing customer relationships• Build … Read more

E176: Building Online Empires: The Accidental Marketer’s Tale

Dive into Jeff Lizik’s unexpected leap from physical products to digital marketing dominance. From eBay beginnings to Amazon innovations, Jeff unravels the art of creating impact in the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing. Discover how to foster engagement, construct community, and redefine ROI in a digital-first world. Here are a few of the topics we’ll … Read more

E175: Tuning In to Success: Elevate Your Business Podcast

Get the mic ready for a clash of realities and ambitions in B2B podcasting! Dive into the do’s and don’ts, where passion meets strategy, and learn how to convert talk tracks into impactful business tools. With gritty insights, we navigate the journey of content creation to find the sweet spot between starting up and scaling … Read more

E174: Podcast Blueprints: Structuring Winning Episodes

From organic interviews to dynamic conversations, discover which style resonates with you and captures your listeners. Plus, get tips on creating punchy mini-episodes that engage and inform! Key Points• Interview style podcasts reign• Preparation is vital for interviews• Conversational podcasts feel organic• Solo mini-episodes for quick info• Intentionality in content planning Best Quotes00:05 – 00:13 … Read more