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E179: Behind the Hype: Real Talk with Good Moose’s Daniel Romano

Dive into the candid world of growth marketing with Daniel Romano Co-founder & CEO of Good Moose, a maverick agency reshaping the industry’s landscape. Discover trade secrets, the value of diversity, and how authentic relationship-building trumps templates. Get the insider scoop on how this agency turns marketing norms on its head for out-of-the-box success.

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.
  • Romano shares successful agency traits.
  • Good Moose’s no-kickback approach.
  • Selecting the right clients for growth.
  • Building a diverse, multinational team.
  • Confidence and resilience in entrepreneurship.
Connect with Daniel Romano:
Connect with our host, Brian Mattocks:
  • 20:26 – And I think in a world that it’s becoming more globalized that becomes a critical piece of the puzzle because you know you cannot expect a team that it fully aligns with one kind of persona, one background to understand products that apply to a multicultural world that we’re living in. And the second thing that I think it’s critical you know from a culture standpoint and also the selection process of how we started building good moves from day one is the fact that I’m a foreigner made me double down on empathy and self-awareness and being very critical on the things that I see that make me feel comfortable or the things that maybe I don’t understand and how I can help myself and the company to overcome those challenges by surrounding myself with the right people for the right challenges that we have.
  • 27:20 – And sometimes things feel like impossible tasks but the reality is only when you’re out of your comfort zone really incredible things happen. But to achieve that you need to be resilient and not give up because you’re going to get flat many times, you’re going to do a lot of work that’s not it’s going to take you nowhere. But the reality is you need to keep on pushing and just hold it for as long as you need until those things start to trickle down. And the last one I think it’s confidence which is something that you can either build or sometimes you know also from if you’re lucky enough and you have a really good family they will help you build that as a kid. And I think that with that confidence that you’re capable of doing things it’s very hard to achieve anything.
  • 26:11 – I would say first one is self-awareness. Knowing what your strengths are knowing what are your weaknesses and surrounding yourself with the right team members that can help you be strong in all the places that you don’t feel that you bring a lot of value to the table. I was saying that if you want a date you need to know if you’re the best first date or the best third date for somebody and figure out your way to be in the place where you’re at your prime. And I think that’s a critical piece. And sometimes people forget to be critical with themselves or at least to take a look to see okay but I’m not that good there but maybe there’s somebody who can be great and we can do great things together. This is the third agency that I’m involved with early stages to as founder is resilience.
  • 2:12 – So when I started thinking about the idea of creating Good Moose together with my partners I was very adamant to make sure that we’re creating an agency with all the things that we love about the industry and with other things that we hated about the industry. And I had a very interesting tasting of that post acquisition of my previous company understanding that then you start talking about processes not people. You start talking about efficiencies and not how to make the right thing for the client or you start talking about let’s not show that let’s show that. So we created Good Moose on the three main premises. The first one is everybody that is on the table needs to have real actual media execution experience. We saw that there was a lot of I would say inefficiencies in big agencies people talking without knowing what they’re talking about.
  • 13:04 – But what you can forecast is how much growth you’re going to generate for your active clients and working on retention and working on growth of your clients can give you at least 70% of what you need to forecast for the growth that you’re expecting to do. So I’m always very keen on focusing on things that we can fully control versus the things that maybe we don’t have full control but we can just help them to happen. And sometimes luck plays a big component but once we have an account and the ones who are working with a client we know that it’s in our hands to fully figure out what needs to be happening in order to get them where we want them to be.

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