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E181: From Comedian to CEO: Branding with a Laugh

Dive into Jared Miller’s transformation from actor to digital marketing maestro on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast. Discover the origins of That Funny Agency (TFA) and how humor powers serious marketing strategy. Hang on for an infotainment ride through agency life with storytelling at its core.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.
  • Growth from actor to agency CEO.
  • Sketch comedy origins of That Funny Agency.
  • Agile marketing—a That Funny Agency approach.
  • Human-centric digital marketing
  • Overcoming client education hurdles
Connect with Jared Miller:
Connect with our host, Brian Mattocks:
  • 20:15 – And I think it’s really interesting because marketers a lot of times and I’ve written about this in the past forget that like yeah you’re your performance might be great. The search engine robots might say by the way you’re doing it right but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it right it means you’ve managed to move needles that the robots say are important. Are you converting? Is it turning into money and at the end of the machine and so uh I think a lot of folks kind of miss that point and there’s a lot of art there believe it or not and I’m sure you experienced this in determining whether or not the needles you’ve moved are actually the right needles to even look at I mean they they they people are focused on KPIs that are outdated sometimes and don’t make sense.
  • 21:54 – Like oh yeah I can get you you know 200,000 views on YouTube, okay are they good views? Oh well are they in your target market? Are there people you know? And we run into it too in the podcast space it’s like oh yeah I want you know, I want to be Joe Rogan. Does Joe Rogan’s audience represent your ideal client and if that’s the case you know maybe we can talk about how that might happen but for the vast majority of the businesses out there it really just doesn’t make sense and you have to have to determine that.
  • 42:12 – They are the most important thing in your world. Treat them as such. Be it a place where you can respect that relationship more than anything else. Your spouse, your children your parents your sisters your friends your chosen family, and your family you’re going to respect that. Be at a place that understands that team. Don’t put it in a position where they’re going to drop it and then look at them and say no you dropped the baton, no you ensure their success take care of them. And I’d say the last thing is relationships have to be partnerships if a client thinks of you as a partner and not a vendor you’ve done everything that we talked about today.
  • 13:37 – If you think you can do it alone you’re a fool. If you’re the smartest person in the room get out of that room, surround yourself with smarter wonderful people who have a proven track record people I’ve worked with in the past people I adore We call ourselves the TFA Avengers.
  • 15:33 – So the challenge has been I put to them we took two and a half years and I said all right guys let’s look at the numbers here, I mean not bad considering like we were brand new right but I use up my Rolodex more or less. Kind of went through it now so we did some email marketing we dropped it out and we did some podcasting for a couple of things some content. I try to write my own LinkedIn’s and we have social and it’s all there but when I look at the numbers I go okay if I were my own client what would I say. The results aren’t there so here’s what we’re doing, we are rebranding and repositioning still called That Funny Agency. I’m not changing that we are still powered by humor we’re still in concept who we are but I brought in even better people to do this job who’ve done this before.

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