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E159: Clients on Air Boosting Your Brand with Success Stories

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Dive into the art of using customer success to enhance your podcast’s credibility! We’ll dissect the strategic invitation of satisfied clients to your show, discussing ideal timing, enticing invite tactics, and navigating potential pitfalls. Tune in for insider tips on leveraging social proof in podcasting!

Key Points
• Social proof is podcasting gold
• Quick wins amplify client stories
• Choose clients based on their success
• Flattery works when inviting clients
• Pre-screen clients for impact control

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:06 • “As a marketer, you probably know that social proof is worth its weight in gold.”
01:07 – 01:18 • “They’re going to be raving fans if you have delivered either a cheaper or an easier or a better solution than what they’re currently getting.”
01:42 – 01:46 • “That’s exactly the time to invite them to be on a podcast.”
02:45 – 02:53 • “You wanna make sure that they know that while they may be used to doing work with you, you want to probably keep some specifics out.”