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E160: The Business Case for Fun

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Discover why enjoyment is your secret weapon for creating compelling content and attracting listeners. Learn tips to up the ‘fun quotient’ and make your show a thrilling ride. Who says serious podcasts can’t be seriously enjoyable? Tune in and transform your podcasting journey!

Key Points
• Fun in podcasting equals better content
• Laughter leads to interesting shows
• Risks & comfort go hand in hand
• Vulnerability makes for engaging talk
• Enjoyment boosts podcasting outcomes

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:06 • “The process of podcasting itself has to be more than financially motivated.”
00:36 – 00:43 • “So hosts that have fun on the show make more interesting shows, guests that have more fun on the show say more interesting stuff.”
00:59 – 01:08 • “People that are having fun together will let their guard down and in letting their guard down, they will be vulnerable.”
01:38 – 01:50 • “So if you find that your podcast has become not fun, there’s gonna be tons of things that we can talk about along the way to improve the fun level, I guess, of your podcast.”