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E162: Podcasting as Play Learn from Games & Kids!

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Learn how treating your podcast like a game can lead to growth, fun, and creative freedom—no extra lives needed!

Key Points
• Embrace fun in podcasting
• Gaming insights for podcasters
• No fear of mistakes
• Play with podcast formats
• Constant growth mindset

Best Quotes
00:01 – 00:07 • “In a recent episode, we talked about the importance of having fun while you’re podcasting.”
00:07 – 00:14 • “And so I want to talk about some, you know, there’s, there’s kind of different plays, different ways and places to have fun.”
00:23 – 00:29 • “And this is where little kids have a lot to teach and, and frankly, games have a lot to teach.”
00:32 – 00:41 • “I’ve been playing video games since I was able to hold a controller, and back then they only had one button and it was orange.”
00:46 – 00:52 • “One of the things that playing games teaches you a lot is that there’s really no consequences for getting it wrong.”
00:52 – 00:58 • “You lose the game, you press restart, you die in the game, you get another life.”