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E166: Health Ads Unveiled: Lori Goldberg Spills Industry Secrets

Dive into the high-stakes world of pharma marketing with Lori Goldberg, CEO of Silverlight Digital. Unpack the intricacies of data-driven ad strategies and discover how the right message reaches doctors and patients alike, ultimately improving healthcare choices and outcomes. It’s a dose of digital marketing wisdom, straight from the industry guru! Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.
  • Data is king in marketing ROI
  • Digital marketing for targeted ads
  • Educating doctors on new treatments
  • Future-proofing against the cookie apocalypse
  • Navigating healthcare regulations
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  • 1:32 – Everything we do is grounded in data. There’s in our field, which tends to be a mix of creative and, and business, we look at things from not what we feel or how we think, but on what the actual results are telling us. So we’ll typically go to market with a particular campaign that we haven’t a hypothesis about or historical results or the CMO or our clients are telling us that this is what, who we think our target audience is, or this is who we think we should reach.
  • 3:30 – Because particularly in the healthcare space, what they’re selling in most cases, and you’re helping them sell is, you know, either drugs or care or something like that. And those are harder, clearly harder to market, hence the episode kind of context, but clearly harder to market stuff because you can’t just be shilling like random drugs that people that don’t need them. Like that’s not helpful. You don’t build lifetime value that way with your customer base. So how do you manage to get, specifically in front of the right targets And then when you do measure that ROI like the high five at the end. Is that literally pill sales or is it something else
  • 15:43 – So most patients actually appreciate when they are going through some kind of a life illness to be able to understand marketing that is relevant to them because at the end of the day, we wanna help ’em be more educated and empower them to understand about their illness. Now, we don’t target on a one-to-one patient to patients that doesn’t fall within HIPAA compliance, but we do target one-to-one to doctors so that we can help everybody make better decisions and educate what is out there.
  • 25:24 – I think surrounding yourself with smart people, both on my team, from the people I hire to my clients, I love clients that we’re collaborative with and can challenge us, makes us ultimately smarter. So I would say surround yourself with smart people. I would say lose your ego at the door because I don’t consider us Joe buyer and a data provider as Joe Vendor. I consider us Joe Partners, and so together, let’s go sell drugs.
  • 13:59 – Think the interesting thing is always sitting around some cocktail party or even family dinner and people are like, oh, you’re the creepy people that know what we’re doing on the internet. And you know, my response is typically, you know, I often say like, okay, well Brian, do you, do you have kids?

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