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E165: Slicing Through Industry Buzz

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Amidst the tremors of podcasting giants like Spotify downsizing, the Podcast Chef slices through the noise to serve up some real talk. This episode deep-fries myths and bakes truths about how these industry shakeups impact small business podcasting. Listen in as we untangle the web of podcasting news and offer savory tips to keep your channel seasoned and successful.

Key Points
• Spotify’s podcast layoffs not your concern
• Small business podcasting still thrives
• Google podcasts merging with YouTube
• SEO your show for visibility
• Screen Actors Guild Strike irrelevant here

Best Quotes
00:04 – 00:12 • “And there are a lot of companies, including Spotify, who have recently laid off a significant portion of their podcasting division.”
00:49 – 01:02 • “That podcast or the media asset that is that podcast and the production and making sure the entire team are paid is not paying off at the rate that’s anticipated for the organization.”
01:13 – 01:24 • “Do not mistake the comings and goings of the industry as what is effectively one of the best marketing channels that you could actually ever have for your business.”
01:32 – 01:41 • “If anything, they show that there’s a continued investment in podcasting longer term because they didn’t close the division, they didn’t stop podcasting.”
01:51 – 01:57 • “Google podcasts is shutting down and they’re merging that in with YouTube podcasts.”
02:29 – 02:400 • “Make sure your episodes are SEO. Make sure your podcast itself on your webpage is SEOed well, and continue using it for your own business development activity.”
02:47 – N/A • “Those organizations scaling and growing, again, things that are impacting those spaces like the Screen Actors Guild Strike or the the Writers Strike, Those are not gonna impact you and your local business.”