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E167: The 3rd Fastest way to Kill your Podcast

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Discover the peril of podcast Channel Lock-in and learn how it can threaten your show’s very existence. Get tips from Podcast Chef on optimal distribution platforms, like Transistor, to maximize reach and safeguard your subscriber base. It’s survival of the broadest!

Key Points
• Channel Lock-in risks podcast survival
• Google Podcasts move is a warning sign
• Transistor aids multi-platform distribution
• Avoid Channel Lock-in for audience growth
• Lock-in entices, but broader reach secures

Best Quotes
00:24 – 00:30 • “You want to try and make sure that your podcast is being distributed across as many channels as possible.”
00:36 – 00:49 • “The moment that one of these channels decides without your consent, I might add, to change the way they operate or change what they deliver, you get stuck.”
00:49 – 00:57 • “And so you’re seeing this now with the Google Podcasts going away and having them lump podcasts into YouTube.”
01:26 – 01:34 • “It distributes out to well over a dozen different potential podcast distributors.”
01:40 – 01:58 • “This makes sure that your podcast is always available on, you know, at least of the dozen platforms it distributes to if one, any one of ’em shuts down, you’re still not at risk of losing access to audience, or at least not the, the broader audience.”