E143: Finding the Perfect Sales-to-Value Content Ratio

Learn how to strike the right balance between providing value and promoting your products or services. Discover the importance of actionable steps in engaging your audience and how consistency across different platforms can enhance your content strategy. Key Points• Include self-promotion in your content, but keep it to a maximum of 20%.• Provide value in … Read more

E142: Maximizing Content Engagement – Connect and Integrate Your Content

In this episode, we dive into the crucial role of integrating and connecting your content. Discover how to strategically plan and map your content to guide your audience towards deeper engagement. From rewarding channel switching to nurturing active relationships, learn key tactics to maximize content engagement and drive conversions. Key Points• Understand how your content … Read more

E141: The Power of Conversations and Networking in Building a Brand

Join host Brian Mattocks as he interviews Rachel Gogos, Founder and CEO of the brandiD and MyPath101, to explore her experiences in brand building and helping students find their path. Rachel shares how her businesses have evolved and the challenges she faces in marketing. She also discusses her innovative approaches to sales and partnerships. This … Read more

E140: Creating a Content Roadmap: Taking Your Podcast to the Next Level

In this episode, we dive into the importance of content planning for podcasting success. While the guest interview may be compelling, having a content roadmap is essential for scaling and maximizing your podcast’s impact. Learn how to identify content gaps, align your content with your business objectives, and leverage testimonials and social proof to enhance … Read more

E138: Can AI Bots Replace Human Hosts?

In this episode, we explore the role of AI in podcasting and whether AI bots can replace human hosts. While AI is great at summarizing information, it cannot create new knowledge or provide the best insight that resonates with human listeners. However, incorporating AI in the podcasting process can still be valuable, especially when preparing … Read more

E137: The Power of Podcasts in Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Discover how different types of podcasts can be strategically used at various stages of the marketing funnel. From top-of-funnel brand awareness to bottom-of-funnel decision-making, learn how to leverage podcast content for maximum impact. Key Points• Different types of podcasts cater to different stages of the marketing funnel.• Bottom-of-funnel content helps listeners make informed decisions.• Top-of-funnel … Read more

E136: The Importance of the Screening Call in Enhancing Podcast Quality

This episode highlights the significance of the screening call in podcasting. It explains how this process can enhance the quality of episodes by setting expectations, establishing rapport, and creating engaging conversations with guests. The hosts discuss deferring to guests’ preferences, scheduling, the recording process, post-recording logistics, and potential opportunities for future collaborations and referrals. Sean … Read more

E135: Helping Your Guests Tell Their Story

Learn how to create engaging content by helping your guests tell their stories effectively. Discover effective interview techniques that make your podcast episodes more compelling and keep your audience hooked. Key Points• Stories tend to engage listeners, making it crucial to help your guests tell their story.• Guests may not naturally include important or interesting … Read more

E134: Manage your video podcast background for a better first impression

Learn why using a green screen in your podcast setup is crucial for creating a positive first impression and cultivating your brand identity. Discover how green screens help prevent distractions, maintain privacy, and enhance the viewer’s overall experience. Get valuable tips on how to effectively manage your background and avoid common pitfalls. Key Points• Green … Read more