How Podcasts Can Help Your Business

Podcasting offers numerous advantages that can greatly benefit businesses. From building a personal connection with your audience to increasing traffic generation and improving conversion rates, podcasts have become a powerful medium for businesses of all sizes. With its convenience and easy accessibility, podcasting provides a versatile alternative to video content and engages listeners on a … Read more

Nurturing Your Guest Network with a Great Podcast Guest Questionnaire in 2023

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How do organizations use podcasts?

Organizations use podcasts as a powerful medium to deliver valuable content and captivate their target audience. Podcasts offer a convenient and accessible way to share information, insights, and stories with listeners. Organizations utilize podcasts for various purposes, including thought leadership, industry expertise, brand building, and customer education. They can host interviews with industry experts, discuss … Read more

Amazing Corporate Podcasting Ideas: Unlocking the Benefits and Strategies for Business Success

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E86: Tailwind: Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing with AI Advertising Services

HTM - Susan Moeller

In this episode, Susan Moeller, the Director of Marketing at Tailwind, discusses how Tailwind provides small businesses with a marketing team at an affordable price through AI. Susan shares insights into their marketing strategies, highlighting the power of search advertising and leveraging Pinterest for word-of-mouth marketing. The episode also explores Tailwind’s latest offerings, including their … Read more

E85: The Continuous Discovery Process in Marketing

In this episode, Brian Mattocks and Sean Boyce discuss why marketing is often underestimated and dive into the continuous discovery process in marketing. They emphasize the importance of understanding the buyer’s journey and problem space to create effective marketing strategies and tactics. They also highlight the significance of focusing on the right problem and using … Read more

How to Start in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Start a podcast header

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E84: From English Teacher to Tech Company Marketing Director: Scott Hammer’s Journey

In this episode, Scott Hammer, the Vice President of Marketing at Striven, shares his journey on how he successfully marketed the company’s industry-agnostic ERP system despite limited funding and a small user base. He also highlights the importance of aligning verticals and customizing the product to cater to various businesses. Scott further discusses Striven’s various … Read more

How to Turn Your Podcast into a Business: Making It Profitable

Podcast into business header

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Podcasting for Businesses: What You Need to Know to Get Started in 2023

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