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E154: Effective repeat engagement

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In this dynamic episode, uncover the secrets to skyrocketing podcast engagement! From the power of varying your asks to the allure of rewarding your audience, learn how to keep listeners eagerly coming back for more. Dive into the enchanting world of effective audience interaction.

Key Points
• Vary your audience asks
• Change requests to engage
• Respond to engagement positively
• Reward listeners for participation
• Specific calls-to-action work best

Best Quotes
00:22 – 00:26 • “If you keep asking for the same thing over and over again, people are gonna tune out.”
00:44 – 00:55 • “Change the nature of your ask, Hey, can you go here and do this? Or, Hey, can you respond with that? Hey, do you want this free thing? I have, you know, go do this.”
01:14 – 01:22 • “You have to point to a specific person and say, Hey, you call 9 1 1. You can’t just say somebody get help.”
02:25 – 02:32 • “So when you are out there and you’re trying to give that attention to encourage those behaviors, you can do it.”