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E149: The Art of the Ask – Turn Partners into Referral Goldmines

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Dive into the dynamics of channel partner referrals! Our latest episode offers step-by-step strategies and clever tricks to transform passive connections into active referral sources. Learn how to craft the conversation, take initiative, and leave a lasting impression with your partners for stronger, more productive outcomes.

Key Points
• Turn stories into resonating pitches
• Listen for active engagement cues
• Asking directly for referrals
• Take the initiative in connection
• Crafting effective intro emails

Best Quotes
00:12 – 00:21 • “if you’ve got your channel partner selected and you’ve done a good job there, you will be talking to someone that is working with your ideal client profile.”
02:03 – 02:16 • “try to avoid that situation, because essentially it puts a lot of work in the hands of your channel partner, and it doesn’t really, it has a very low likelihood of leading to direct positive outcomes.”
03:13 – 03:26 • “Those kinds of conversations or those kinds of actions that you can take to really leverage that referral partner relationship are gonna be much, much stronger longer term.”
03:35 – 03:42 • “they’re going to get the benefit, the social benefit of having made a strong recommendation to you and your product or service.”