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E157: Finding Podcast Gold & Winning Clients

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Dive into the art of the screening call as our host unveils the key to unlocking the potential in podcast guests and prospects alike. Learn about the vital questions that shape narratives and how earnest listening can transform your discovery process. Whether for your show or sales pipeline, this episode is a goldmine of insights!

Key Points
• Craft the perfect discovery questions
• Building a story arc with guests
• Importance of listening in screening
• Spotting unfit podcast prospects
• Detective work in call screening

Best Quotes
00:14 – 00:24 • “Your mission in a prospecting call is to discover if the challenges your prospect has are something that you can help with with your product or service.”
00:50 – 01:00 • “So what are some good questions to ask during a discovery screening call? Whether it be for a podcast guest or for a prospective client?”
01:58 – 02:09 • “When you do that same effort with a prospect, again, you’re trying to find out what the scope of the problem is and how they have attempted to solve it in the past.”
02:22 – 02:29 • “When you start this discovery process, it’s important to ask your question and then meaningfully listen to the answer.”
03:00 – 03:05 • “They may not be a good podcast guest because they’re gonna come on and just essentially spam your audience.”
03:09 – 03:17 • “If they are not going to answer the questions candidly about what their problems are, you can’t meaningfully help them.”
03:30 – 03:44 • “So put on your detective hat and help these folks that you’re interviewing bring out the best kind of information and that will help you either move them further down the pipeline as a prospect or further down the pipeline.”