E8: How to Find More High-Paying Clients with RevSherpas’s Kevin Wessels

This episode, I’m joined by Kevin Wessels to discuss how he helps business owners find more high-paying clients, the importance of becoming a specialist, and how fast-growing companies are leaking revenue… Kevin Wessels has been a consultant for over 10 years and is the Founder and Managing Director of RevSherpas. Here he specializes in helping … Read more

E6: The Value of the Entrepreneurial Operating System with Sage Insight’s Maria Baseggio

Today we’re joined by President and Owner of Sage Insights, Maria Baseggio to discuss what the Entrepreneurial Operating System is and how it can help leadership teams… Maria Baseggio worked in the corporate world for 10 years before starting her own coaching business Sage Insights. Since starting her business Maria has become a professional EOS® … Read more

How to Spot if You’ve Fallen Victim to the Consulting Trap

The consulting trap can be devastating to your consultancy business.

You might give it a different name, but if you’ve fallen victim to the consulting trap, you’ll know it. The consulting trap is what happens when a consultant goes through waves of being busy and not busy. The pressure only builds as your desire to grow increases because the bigger your team is, the more … Read more

E5: Getting Consistent Work Through Referrals with Business Development University’s Lisa Peskin

Lisa Peskin has been in sales leadership for over 35 years and has her own sales training, consulting, and coaching business. Today, we talk about effective business development strategies and how individuals can fill their sales pipelines with more qualified prospects on a consistent basis… Lisa Peskin is a CEO with more than 25 years … Read more

E4: How to Reach New Clients and Grow Your Business with Fort Point IT’s Travis Woods

This episode, I’m joined by the CEO of Fort Point IT Travis Woods, to discuss how startups and small growing companies can level up their development, and identify and convert new potential clients. Travis Woods has been working in business development since 2007 and is CEO of Fort Point IT. He’s passionate about providing small … Read more

E3: Building a Social Network and The Power of Community with Hapday Group’s Rob Napoli

This episode, we’re joined by career coach and author Rob Napoli to discuss the power of community and social networking, and how leaders can more effectively build their global networks… Rob Napoli is an accomplished trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, business, and career coach based in Brooklyn, NYC. Rob started in recruitment within Fortune 500/Forbes 100 companies … Read more

E2: Business Development Strategies with KHIT Consulting’s Katie Hutchinson

Today, I’m joined by CEO of KHIT Consultants Katie Hutchinson to discuss the different business development strategies she uses and how she measures how effective they are… Katie is the CEO of KHIT Consultants and has a strong belief that technology, when leveraged intelligently, can make life more meaningful and enjoyable. Her vision is to … Read more

E1: Welcome to The Consulting Trap

The Consulting Trap features consultants that solved major challenges experienced by consultants in an effort to grow their business. How and where to connect with Brian: Website Youtube Connect with Brian on LinkedIn Email Brian at brian@podcastchef.com

Podcasts vs. Webinars: Who is the Winner in the B2B space?

What sets successful businesses apart from those struggling to stay afloat?  As an entrepreneur, I see my fair share of questions asking: Is Email Marketing Dead? Is the PDF dead? …. Are Webinars Dead too?! (Spoiler alert: all are alive and well). Most successful businesses use the same tools, tactics and terms to grow: SEO, … Read more