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E152: What Spurs Online Action?

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Dive into the psychology of online actions! Learn what goes on in the brain before a click and how to sway that decision. This episode unravels the cost-benefit analysis in digital prompts and how to avoid the pitfalls of clickbait. It’s all about crafting irresistible calls to action!

Key Points
• Understanding what makes people click
• The role of cost-benefit analysis in actions
• Clickbait’s impact on audience actions
• Boosting value to encourage repeated clicks
• Crafting effective and engaging asks online

Best Quotes
00:01 – 00:12 • “Getting people to take the requested action that you’re trying to inspire from your podcast or from your email campaigns or what have you, is not often as easy as it might seem.”
00:51 – 00:54 • “You have to overcome the primary cost, and that that is the cost of doing nothing.”
01:14 – 01:20 • “The process that you go through when you’re thinking these things through is always a cost benefit analysis.”
01:55 – 02:05 • “On the other side of it, if you can work on getting the value very, very high, so that that click is really rewarding, you’re gonna get the next click and the next click and the next click.”
02:40 – 02:49 • “Now, you know, we both know that you don’t plan on doing anything nefarious, but your user, your consumer, your audience doesn’t have that knowledge.”