Reading Time: 2 minutes

E145: The Art of Selecting Channel Partners

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Join us as we uncover the intriguing dynamics of channel partnerships in business! We delve into building, identifying, and leveraging influential relationships that align with your brand for an amplified success story. Tune in to unlock the secrets of matching your business’s rhythm with the right partners.

Key Points
• Channel partners may surprise you.
• Target Marlet similarities boost partnerships
• Storytelling enhances outreach and builds relatedness with channel partners
• Podcasts can be used as a relationship strengthening tool

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:14 • “One of the things you find out as you start to develop your business and build your ideal client profile is that the number of channel partners and who those channel partners are tends to be reasonably surprising.”

00:15 – 00:33 • “You’re not necessarily gonna find, you know, huge like wildly divergent channel partners, but what you will find though is that the channel partners that tend to be the strongest will have a lot in common with you and your business.”

00:34 – 00:43 • “And when they are trying to help a client, they’re gonna be looking for the next step in the conversation.”

00:44 – 01:06 • “So for Podcast Chef, for example, our strong channel partners or marketers like yourself, and as we grow and we build our understanding of what those channel partners look like, we are better able to tell the story of what we can do to help their clients or their prospects be more successful.”

01:07 – 01:14 • “Your situation is very likely similar when you start to reach out to potential channel partners.”

01:15 – 01:26 • “If you’re a marketing agency, it might be the graphic design firms, it may be the branding firms, it may be the SEO firms that you know do a different set of work than you do.”

01:50 – 02:04 • “As you start to look for those similarities, you’ll start to develop an understanding about what relationships are gonna be more valuable to you and where you should be cultivating and targeting your outreach.”