Coaching or Consulting with MPower2Lead’s Dr. Mike Palanski

This episode, I’m joined by Dr. Mike Palanski from MPower2Lead to discuss why he prefers a coaching work structure to a traditional consulting framework, ways we can reduce time spent on business development and marketing, and the value of having your own coach. Dr. Mike Palanski is a Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology … Read more

How to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with Sales Conservatory’s Mark Tuggle

This episode, I’m joined by Dr. Mark Tuggle from Sales Conservatory to discuss different marketing activities, how we can compare the effectiveness of each one, and how to maintain active marketing when you’re busy with client work. Dr. Mark Tuggle is a consultant, learning facilitator, and Co-Founder of Sales Conservatory.Mark mostly serves sales professionals and … Read more

How to Build a Strong Network with Liz Kislik

This episode, I’m joined by Liz Kislik from Liz Kislik Associates LLC to discuss how to maintain a consistent workload, the power of networking, how you can build exposure to feed into your network. Liz Kislik is a management consultant and executive coach who started her own consulting firm over 30 years ago.  Liz works … Read more

Keeping a steady workload with Halo Consulting’s Douglas Brown

This episode, I’m joined by Douglas Brown from Halo Consulting to discuss how the pandemic has helped him reach new prospects, the different business development strategies he uses, and how he’s managed to keep a steady workload for his consulting company. Douglas Brown is the Founder and CEO of Halo Consulting, LLC, where he focuses … Read more

Effective Marketing Strategies and Becoming Notorious with Smart Solution Media’s Scott Cantrell

I’m joined by the Founder of Smart Solutions Media and VP of Business Development at Quality Consistent Leads Scott Cantrell, to discuss how consultants can maintain a steady stream of work, the different marketing strategies he’s found to be effective, and how you can make yourself seen as an authority in your space. Scott Cantrell … Read more

Building Strategic Partnerships Through Social Media with VV Global Partners’ Virgilia Virjoghe

This episode, I’m joined by Founder and CEO of VV Global Partners Virgilia Virjoghe to discuss the impact strategic partnerships have had on her business, and how she utilizes social media to find clients and form partnerships… Virgilia Virjoghe is the Founder and CEO of VV Global Partners, a multiple-award-winning Global Brand Strategist, Media contributor, … Read more

Effective Lead Generation for the Solopreneur Consultant

Lead generation is undeniably important to marketers, and that makes it important to solopreneur consultants too because they need to wear multiple hats, acting as everything from a finance manager to a marketing manager.  Unless you’ve somehow discovered some sort of mythical bottomless well of potential customers, the chances are that lead gen is pretty … Read more