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E32: Outsourcing Work as a Startup with VEMTECH’s Halima Wanamaker

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This episode, I’m joined by Halima Wanamaker to discuss how she created her cyber security startup, found her initial clients and sped up her startups growth trajectory through outsourcing work and building a team.

Halima Wanamaker is the Founder of VEMTECH, where she helps small to medium sized organizations embrace technology to make their businesses better and more innovative by using modern technology solutions.

Halima has over fifteen years of professional experience in IT and is passionate about making modern cloud based solutions available to all. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • Techniques Halima used to get clients for her new business.
  • How Halima sped up the growth of her startup.
  • Why outsourcing work and building a team is so important.
  • How to build a team that works well together.
  • How rebranding can change the service delivery side of business.
  • Ways to stay competitive in a low priced field.
  • The benefits of automation in cyber risk assesments.
  • How automation can save time in marketing.


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  • 02:44 – “It was really going out there hustling, meeting people, telling them about my product and telling them about my company.”
  • 16:57 – “Being able to see what links their clicking on, what their interested in, being able to see that my CRM read my email and knowing when I should possibly follow up it just saves you so much time.”