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E33: The Why Behind Business Growth with OpaStrategy’s Alexandra Reese

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This episode, I’m joined by Founder of OpaStrategy Alexandra Reese to discuss the importance of knowing why you’re seeking growth, the dangers of growing solely for the sake of growth, and how solopreneurs can best manage their pipeline.

Alexandra Reese is the Founder of OpaStrategy where she partners with leaders to accelerate individual and organizational growth with confidence, ease, and joy. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How Alexandra started her consulting business.
  • The importance of building a network of coaches and advisors.
  • How your risk tolerance informs your go-to-market activity.
  • How to find monetization opportunities with new connections.
  • Outreach techniques you can use to grow your network.
  • How to best manage your pipeline as a solopreneur.
  • The challenges of scaling and growing your business.
  • The dangers of growing solely for the sake of growth.


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  • 04:27 – “Get a coach and get an advisor and get a support team early. I felt like I’ve been doing this for 12 years, I know how to build a practice, I’ve just got to dive in and do it and I underestimated the real differences between building a consulting practice under a large firm with a well-known brand and building a consulting practice under my name and a totally new company name and I wished that I would have reached out and cultivated that network of coaches, advisors, and supporters early on. I really waited until earlier this year and once I did that things really started to click into place for me.”
  • 7:58 – “The biggest insight I had around risk is that none of this is very risky, the biggest thing that was at risk was my ego, and as soon as I let go of needing to feed my ego and focused on how can I wake up every day and provide value to the world the risk went away because it was about how do I take the gifts I have, how do I take the skills that I have and help other people to accelerate their growth and find confidence, ease, and joy in the process.”
  • 16:50 – “Everyone wants to grow, and I always would ask why, why do you want to grow, what is that in service of? And most people didn’t have an answer, they just had in their mind that’s what you do you grow or you die. So I knew from experience that growth alone is not a good motivator, because things will get tough growth is hard to sustain, if you grow you typically need to bring new people on, that is tough work, you have to have a motivation that is deeper than just growth for the sake of growth.”