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E40: How to Use Data Properly with The 516 Collective’s with Kiva Slade

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This episode, I’m joined by the Owner and Founder of The 516 Collective Kiva Slade to discuss why data is so important to businesses, how to know which data to focus on, and how to reposition your clients with new offerings.

Kiva Slade is the Owner, Founder, Lead Analytics and Operations Consultant of The 516 Collective. Throughout her career, whether crafting legislation in the US House of Representatives or homeschooling her children through high school, Kiva has specialized in taking in massive loads of information, finding connections between people and information, and using the information to encourage others. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How to move from operations to analytics.
  • How to reposition your clients with a new offering.
  • How to know what data to focus on.
  • Why following the data is so important.
  • The major milestones of data analytics.
  • The danger of too much data.


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  • 15:05 – “It really does get to a point where your business you have to evolve as a leader and in that evolution there will be times when you have to make decisions based on a different decision model or you might have more of a leadership team where you’re bringing in people who in all honesty do know more than you know about this particular area of the business and as a result of that you have to have more coalitions or you have take in more opinions as you might consider them versus hey I’ve made the decision lets move forward.”
  • 17:28 – “You realize that the people you have placed around you that their questions are not saying that your idea sucks, their questions are really designed to make sure that all the pieces are considered, that everything can come together well including what the team is going to have to do to make this vision come to reality.”