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E41: Developing a Community Outside of Social Media sites with Magnfi’s Doug Dibert

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This episode, I’m joined by the Creator and Founder of Magnfi Doug Dibert to discuss the benefits of building a community away from generic social media sites, how you can build a community without social media, and how to get enough clients as a SaaS provider.

Doug Dibert has been in the world of video marketing since January 2005 and has worked with hundreds of businesses nationally and internationally helping them create video content and video marketing plans. Seeing the future growth of video and the need for any business to quickly create professional video content with no video editing needed, in 2017 he found the SaaS video marketing platform and a year later sold his video marketing agency to focus on Magnfi’s growth. Doug is a highly welcomed speaker at many business strategy events, online or in-person, where he teaches practical how-to methods on how businesses can leverage video content quickly. Doug and his team at Magnfi partner with businesses and digital marketing agencies that want their own in-house scalable video service offering via the Magnfi white label program. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • Ways to prepare yourself for a pitch meeting.
  • How to easily produce media from your smartphone.
  • How to get enough clients as a SaaS provider.
  • What white labeling is and the challenges of implementing it.
  • How to develop a community outside of conventional social media sites.
  • What you can learn from your community.


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  • 18:30 – “If you can build a community that adds value to your product or service, that’s the key.”
  • 2 3:21 – “Communicate, communicate clearly as much as you possibly can. Second, don’t assume, assumption gets you into trouble a lot don’t ever assume something and that goes back to point one communicate clearly if you’re not clear on something don’t feel you’re going to be stupid just getting clarity on something because if you assume something and it’s wrong you’re going to look even more dumb, and the third one is persistence just keep going when it sucks.”