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E39: How to Maximize Your Cold Email Marketing Response Rates with SeeResponse’s Mukesh Singhmar

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This episode, I’m joined by the Founder of MarAutomation and SeeResponse Mukesh Singhmar to discuss how effective cold email marketing can be, how much time and money you need to start email marketing, and how you can improve your email campaign response rates.

Mukesh Singhmar is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, content strategist, growth marketer, and digital and social media savvy marketing leader with over 15 years of B2B marketing and business development program management experience in the SaaS technology space. Mukesh is the founder of MarAutomation a one-stop solution for sales & marketing automation and is the co-founder of SeeResponse a full-service agency and a HubSpot partner bringing world-class marketing services to technology businesses. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How to get your first clients when starting a business.
  • How to maximize response rates with cold emailing.
  • What a good response rate for cold emailing is.
  • How to improve your email content.
  • Which industries cold emailing is ineffective for.
  • How much time and money you need to start email marketing.
  • How to get your articles ranked on Google.
  • How long it takes to get ranked on Google.
  • How AI-driven content has affected SEO.


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  • 11:10 – “That’s the good thing about email marketing, it’s really inexpensive. In fact, there is a study by a very popular email software provider called Campaign Monitor and in the research they did it says every dollar you spend on email marketing you get about 37 dollars so that’s a 37 hundred percent ROI, and it’s also quick your emails go into inboxes and if somebody’s interested they respond right away so there is no wait time to see if somebody’s is interested or if they’re not, you know the results fairly quickly as opposed to something like SEO or ads.”
  • 21:27 – “Be consistent in whatever you are doing so sometimes initially it takes a while but if you continue doing it then usually it works out. Second, trust your team and have the best people it’s all about the people eventually so if you have the best people then you will be able to do things really well, and finally, just nourish the relationships with your clients so customer service I think is one of the big pieces I’ve learned. So your services have to be good but if your services are good and your customer service is not good you still are going to fail so make sure your customer service is good.”