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E38: Sustainably Growing a Company with Rubato Media’s Bridgette Orten

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This episode, I’m joined by the Founder of Rubato Media Bridgette Orten to discuss the best way to sustainably grow a company, how to know when to pivot in your business and why working with freelancers can be so beneficial.

Bridgette Orten is a digital marketing expert focusing on paid social and search ads for mid-7-figure to mid-8-figure e-commerce brands with a brick & mortar presence. Bridgette climbed through the ranks at various performance-based ad agencies, was second in command building a $6MM incubator agency division, was launch team at an agency in Paris growing to $50MM in the second year, built her own agency to 7-figures over 5 years, and now works directly with a small handful of brands per year. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How to know when to pivot in your business.
  • Building infrastructure to help keep workflow steady.
  • How to simplify your onboarding process.
  • How to sustainably grow a company.
  • Viable product ladders.
  • How freelancers can bring down your costs.


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  • 11:55 – “There are two ways to grow, you can grow like a weed which is out of control and unmanageable or you can grow with intention as in a garden or a flower of a vegetable.”
  • 15:54 – “There’s a lot of decentralisation in the market in general with a lot of freelancing with paid digital media and not only freelancers but freelancers not just in the US for US clients, there’s a huge influx in South America, especially who are coming into the market.”