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E37: Improving your Proposals with Angie Wolfe

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This episode, I’m joined by the Owner of Ideas at Dawn Angie Wolfe to discuss how she helps consultants improve their proposal development, the benefits of working with a marketing team, and the different ways she uses LinkedIn to reach new clients.

Angie Wolfe is a creative and analytical proposal professional and business owner with 18 years of experience at large Fortune 500 companies in business development and marketing. She is the owner of Ideas at Dawn Marketing Consultants, where she helps firms gain a competitive advantage with their proposals and training to win more work without adding on more payroll. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • Ways independent consultants can improve their proposal process and business development.
  • The team Angie built to help others improve their proposals.
  • How Angie went from working in corporate to landing her own clients and turning her side gig into a business.
  • How to leverage your existing contacts to find new clients.
  • How to use LinkedIn to reach new clients.
  • How having a marketing team can improve your client outreach process.


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  • 9:33 – “The hard part? The hard part wasn’t the clients, the hard part was doing a full-time job and then doing the side gig on the side.”
  • 16:26 – “It’s still referrals from my current clients who talk to other people and hear about me, it’s still leveraging my warm audience that I still met and know and continuing to use them but it’s becoming more referral based and in addition to the free webinars I also speak at conferences and do free webinars for other associations in this field and industry, there are two big ones, so continue to get visible and work comes.”
  • 19:48 – “Network even when you’re in corporate you just never know. You never know when you might decide to do something different.”