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E173: Podcast ROI: Measuring Success Beyond the Numbers

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Find out not just the monetary gains but the unquantifiable riches, from networking to market intel. It’s not just about the dollars but the opportunities and value-added to your brand. Where words meet profits, that’s where we take you!

Key Points
• ROI is more than financial returns
• Podcasts provide unquantifiable value
• Messaging evolves with podcasting
• Podcasts rally and motivate teams
• Podcasting’s private broadcasting surge

Best Quotes
00:01 – 00:08 • “So run into this a fair amount, and we talked about issue with metrics, but the metric that matters in podcasting is ROI.”
01:35 – 01:45 • “So I interview somebody new, somebody that’s going to be give me new insight, new business opportunity, new business intelligence about how to approach the marketplace.”
02:03 – 02:07 • “Your approach to the market space changes and evolves as your ideal client evolves.”
02:59 – 03:07 • “The opportunity to drive and engage really is through a podcast, is really second to none.”
03:34 – 03:49 • “That podcasting is included in building your own channel, building your own content, creating your own market, creating your own audience is something that is far, far from kind of being overdone.”