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E172: Navigating the Podcast Metrics Maze

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Discover why metrics can drive podcasters nuts and how different platforms make things tricky. Find out why download numbers aren’t the whole story and learn tips for actionable insights beyond the podcast platforms—all in one fun episode!

Key Points
• Podcast metrics often confuse
• Distribution platforms vary widely
• Demographics better from web/YT analytics
• Direct traffic for deeper insights
• Understand limitations and plan

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:15 • “Podcast metrics are super confusing and the reason they’re super confusing is because there are so many distribution platforms out there for podcasts that report differently and offer different insights into what you can see.”
00:15 – 00:22 • “And there’s not a kind of a uniform, sort of API or any of that kind of stuff out there for you to be able to track what’s going on.”
00:29 – 00:35 • “So they might be out there like transistor or something like that, and they’re holding your podcast.”
01:12 – 01:23 • “And the only real metrics you’re gonna get in that entire exchange is the number of downloads that the hosting company registers and from what platform.”
02:18 – 02:33 • “Those are all good, useful bits of data, but the, probably the best thing to do if you’re really trying to get meaningful data is either route anyone that you are directing to your podcast through to your webpage on your website.”
03:06 – 03:19 • “So as you are moving forward, just understand the limitations of the podcast’s, sort of metrics, environment, analytics, environment, and plan accordingly for alternate distribution platforms or methods.”