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E174: Podcast Blueprints: Structuring Winning Episodes

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From organic interviews to dynamic conversations, discover which style resonates with you and captures your listeners. Plus, get tips on creating punchy mini-episodes that engage and inform!

Key Points
• Interview style podcasts reign
• Preparation is vital for interviews
• Conversational podcasts feel organic
• Solo mini-episodes for quick info
• Intentionality in content planning

Best Quotes
00:05 – 00:13 • “For most folks, though, the interview style works best and what that really means is sitting down with your guest and conducting an interview.”
00:16 – 00:25 • “Some folks will do a long and rigorous preparation before their interview to determine background and history and experience.”
01:20 – 01:33 • “The other kind of model, which is where a lot of folks really enjoy, is the conversational model where you start with a vague topic in mind and see where the conversation goes.”
01:57 – 02:13 • “Those are, are good for quick hits of something you wanna talk about to help maybe reduce the likelihood that you’re gonna have a bunch of q and a or to send out as a teaser.”
02:26 – 02:36 • “That takes a lot of time to answer, but doesn’t necessarily change from person to person very much so it’s less consultative and more environmental.”
02:40 – 02:45 • “You’ll find that they lend themselves to a certain type of structure where, you know, you have three points, you say your piece and you get going.”
03:08 – 03:16 • “So when you structure your content though, the most important thing to do is be intentional and understand what your objectives are.”