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E164: How much is too much?

How do you manage the balance between fun and professionalism. Get insider tips on preserving your brand’s message without compromising entertainment. Don’t let your podcast turn into a fiction story; we’re carving the path back to value!

Key Points
• Fun versus message in podcasts
• Pivot or reboot an off-track show
• Strategies for show value consistency
• Impact of too much fun on content
• Balance fun with a co-host or format change

Best Quotes
00:15 – 00:23 • “Once you’ve lost the message, then you’re spending too much time in the meta conversation and not on the topic of the show.”
00:27 – 00:39 • “If you’ve got a show that is tracking well, that is achieving results and it’s not what you thought it was, that’s one thing, and that’s relatively common in fact.”
01:19 – 01:33 • “If you can’t get back to that from where you’re at, this is where you might close that, that version of the show, call it, you know, a new season or hit the reboot button and rebrand the show.”
01:44 – 01:48 • “Be mindful when it comes to the sort of too much fun element.”
02:24 – 02:39 • “It’ll be very, very difficult for you to look back on that episode and create show notes that don’t read like a cartoon or a fiction story or something like that.”

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