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E158: No Baiting, Just Connecting

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Dive into the delicate dance of turning podcast guests into clients without the awkward bait-and-switch. Discover how to harness genuine connections and let prospects lead the conversation into sales territory—all while maintaining integrity and building solid relationships.

Key Points
• Avoid bait-and-switch tactics
• Let prospects initiate sales talk
• Build relationships, not pressure
• Delay sales pitch for rapport
• Transition smoothly into sales

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:09 • “There’ll be times when you’re doing an episode screening with a potential guest, and it will definitely seem like they’re a great fit for your product or service.”
00:14 – 00:24 • “You need to be super careful. And the reason you need to be careful here is because you do not want to bait and switch the person that you’ve reached out to.”
01:30 – 01:45 • “If at any point the conversation feels solicitory, folks will clam up. And not only will they not buy your stuff, they also may not be a guest on your show and you lost twice.”
03:04 – 03:15 • “Don’t hesitate to focus on that side of it. And then if there is a commerce potential there, let them, let them drive until you officially kind of engage with the sales process.”