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E19: How to Build a Strong Network with Liz Kislik

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This episode, I’m joined by Liz Kislik from Liz Kislik Associates LLC to discuss how to maintain a consistent workload, the power of networking, how you can build exposure to feed into your network.

Liz Kislik is a management consultant and executive coach who started her own consulting firm over 30 years ago.

Liz works as a consultant, coach, and facilitator to help leaders move their companies and careers forward. She also shares her professional advice as a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, and as a speaker for TEDx and other organizations. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How Liz became a Vice President and manager of 300 employees by the time she was 23.
  • Why Liz primarily works with privately-held mid-sized businesses.
  • The importance of picking clients who have similar views and values to you.
  • How to maintain a consistent workload and sustain business.
  • How to best manage risk.
  • The importance of consistently building yourself a network.
  • How to build exposure that can feed into your networking.
  • Social proof and the power of being deemed worthwhile by authoritative sources.


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  • 06:40 – “I can see as an outsider, aspects of the problem that the people who live it don’t see.”
  • 13:20 – “It’s just easier to do the work you like.”
  • 19:00 – “Those uncertain times keep coming, you can never assume that from this moment on it’s smooth sailing.”