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E71: The VR Industry’s Unique Challenges with PIXO VR’s Rosina Feser

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This episode, PIXO VR’s Director of Sales & Marketing Rosina Feser talks about the unique challenges of marketing VR, the ICP for the VR industry, and the common skepticism business leaders have around VR products. Rosina Feser has decades of experience transforming companies with proven growth strategies and is now working with PIXO VR to transform their customers’ training programs with Virtual Reality. With VR training, companies have experienced 43% reduction in workplace injury, 75% increase in learning retention, and trainees that are 4X more engaged with training that takes far less time than traditional training. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How to combine VR with learning management systems.
  • The unique aspects of marketing VR.
  • Virtual reality conferences and trade shows.
  • The ideal customer persona for the VR industry.
  • Common skepticism around VR products.
  • How to build connections with large enterprise-level clients.
  • Using community engagement for further business development.
  • The downsides of having community engagement.


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  • 3:32 – “We take a very large responsibility for educating the prospect in fact our marketing vision statement is to create an educated prospect so whether you are on your journey to VR, you’re just starting and thinking about it to you’ve already implemented and you’re looking to scale to you’ve already scaled and now let’s see what the future holds and where we can go with that. We try to create content and information around every stage of that and be able to then support the sales team at every stage for every stage of that as well.”
  • 4:31 – “I find the classic marketing strategies to be very effective because you’re still always just trying to get in front of people and get your message across to people and trying to find the channels to do that in so at the heart of it that’s always going to be the case.”
  • 11:01 – “We had a decrease in the number of safety issues on the floor and correlation might not be causation but at the very least you can say I implemented this and this is what happened and say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
  • 16:41 – “Almost like a board once a quarter meet and have that community that will not only help each other some of the things that let’s face it integrating a new technology into your workflow or into enterprise has it’s challenges and so we don’t hype that we face it head-on.”
  • 21:06 – “A bunch of people are in the room, the business folks and the marketing people and they’re talking about dog food and they’re trying to figure out all the ways for the packaging and the price and this and that how are we going to promote it what are we going to say all this stuff and at the end the janitor’s on the side and says yea but the dogs don’t eat it so at the end of the day it’s like you can put all the packaging and prettiness and everything you want if people don’t want it they don’t want it.”