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E70: Maximizing Direct Mail Response Rates with DirectMail2.0’s Brad Kugler

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this episode, CEO of DirectMail2.0 Brad Kugler talks about why direct mail is more effective than digital mail, which industries direct mail works best, and how companies can improve their direct mail response rate. Brad Kugler is the CEO of DirectMail2.0, a marketing-based solution designed to track clients’ direct mail campaigns and enhance overall results through omnichannel marketing. Brad has a passion for leading and growing businesses, helping others, tinkering with new technology, and meeting creative/industrious people. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • What industries direct mail works for.
  • How to improve direct mail response.
  • Why direct mail is more effective than digital mail.
  • The challenges of using direct mail in B2B industries.
  • How to connect with high-ranking people.
  • How to leverage digital mail advertising.
  • The best way to use webinars to reach new prospects.


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  • 6:14 – “If you’re selling pizzas for 20 bucks you’re not going to go spend a dollar on everybody’s mailbox in the neighborhood there isn’t going to be an ROI. Now if you’re a financial services company selling rollovers on 401Ks or a realtor trying to get listings in a certain neighborhood or you’re an HVAC company that needs to replace an air conditioner or a roof every 10 years that’s anywhere from 5 to 20 thousand dollars there’s the ROI. So people who want to do direct mail I’d have to say if your lifetime customer value or your first couple of invoices are over a thousand dollars then direct mail should be considered, why would it be considered it is more effective than hundreds of emails, it’s something you hold in your hand, even if you stand over the garbage and you ditch the things that tactical sensation is more memorable than the 10 thousand digital messages that most people get a day.”
  • 8:07 – “One of our quote-unquote secret weapons is I need to talk to a decision maker in a company and what we do we research those decision makers on LinkedIn or their social media if it’s possible. We find out oh they went to Miami University in Miami they’ve got to be a Hurricane fan or something from down there so we’ll get them a college mug or a shirt or something to get their attention, sure it’s 20 bucks but you know what our response rate is very high because we’ve hyper-personalized that piece of mail to that individual and we’ve bribed them with a little gift too.”
  • 18:12 – “Persistence, there’s a fine line between giving up too soon and persisting too long on a dead end.“