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E56: The Long-Term Strategy of Brand Development with Radical’s Ryan Alford

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this episode, the Founder and CEO of Radical Ryan Alford talk about the difference between short-term marketing and long-term marketing, the unending nature of brand development, and how to build a personal brand.

Ryan Alford is a proven marketing leader who has developed strategy and multi-million dollar results for world-class brands including Verizon, Lexus, Samsung, Motorola, The NFL, and many other global companies.  Ryan has experience in everything marketing from branding to demand generation and has hands-on experience guiding both B2B and B2C companies through the entire purchase cycle while developing nuanced global marketing approaches. He has extensive experience building effective and diverse marketing teams while also leveraging modern tech stacks that reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Ryan is the host of The Radcast, a top 25 Spotify and Apple marketing podcast, and the Founder and CEO of Radical. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How to know when your business is ready for advertising.
  • How to nurture customers along the sales funnel.
  • How search-related content differs from paid advertising content.
  • The cost-benefit analysis at different levels of a sales funnel.
  • The difference between short-term marketing and long-term marketing.
  • The unending nature of brand development.
  • How to build a personal brand.
  • How branding affects what you can charge for a product.


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  • 4:13 – “There’s two sides to marketing for me, there’s a million and it’s complex but you have to have brand and you have to drive demand and we’ve moved into this world where people are leaving out the brand part, and they think that they can just cheat and get to the bottom of the funnel by just marketing the promotion by just selling the offer, just doing speeds and feeds and feature sets when in reality it’s been proven and tested and billions of dollars spent proving that you need long term and short term marketing and branding to have long term success.”
  • 10:34 – “Things that elevate your brand build a long-term resonance in someone’s mind a memory a reason to buy you when their ready 60 percent budget on that and its been proven over time there’s literally books on this if you Google short-termism you can find this stuff but there’s been studies about the long term effects of branding and the budgets that you apply to them and the percentages and where the best amount of investments fall off.”
  • 12:07 – “These companies like an eCommerce brand that turns on they think that if they open the doors the sales are going to rocket or they just can run unlimited Facebook ads and get a return on ad spend those days are over 2013 2014 you could kind of do that open an eCommerce store as long as you had your fulfillment in order you had a good product you could just run Facebook ads and boom boom boom, it just doesn’t work that way anymore that was a short window so we’re back to the old school where you’ve got build brand and build awareness and build intent and then close them when you’ve got a good promotion.”
  • 19:26 – “In the beginning, you feel this outrageous pressure to just get revenue in the door and that pressure makes you make sacrifices and things like that but building a brand I think is a great way to offset some of that because you’ll have folks who are beating down the door going hey listen I like the way you approach solving this problem lets have you do that for us and you go oh maybe that costs a little more this time.”
  • 24:56 – “Businesses are built over time, not overnight, the three keys to success are risk tolerance, curiosity, and availability you’ve got to be available you’ve got to be ready and available to take on new things, and push yourself further, you’ve got to be curious if you aren’t naturally curious you will not go far and if you aren’t risk tolerant get the hell out of business!”