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E111: Navigating the Phases of Podcasting: Learning, Vigilance, and Flow State

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Join us as we explore the different phases of podcasting, from the initial learning process to achieving a flow state as a podcaster. Discover how to navigate the journey from hypervigilance to unconscious competence, and the importance of embracing the growth and learning opportunities along the way.

Key Points
• Podcasting is a continuous learning process with phases of learning, hyper vigilance, and flow state.
• Internalizing strategic elements and tactical approaches leads to a seamless and effortless podcasting experience.
• Just like learning how to drive, podcasting eventually leads to unconscious competence.
• Phases of hyper vigilance can arise when unexpected data or events occur, but they contribute to refining your craft.
• Don’t be too critical of yourself and let go of perfectionism to allow the creative process to flow.
• Embrace the number of exposures and iterations, focusing on continuous improvement as a podcaster.
• The education process itself is a valuable goal and objective, so start podcasting without concerns for long-term goals initially.

Best Quotes
00:38 – 00:47 “The learning you’re going to go through, it will feel on some days like I need to be more organic and just be me.”
01:04 – 01:15 “When you get to a point where you are able to internalize the strategic elements of creating a podcast, it’ll seem like a flow state.”
02:26 – 02:33 “Eventually you get to this, what they call unconscious competence, where you don’t even think about it. You’re good at it.”
04:35 – 04:45 “It’s important to learn and let go almost as quickly as you can, figure out what the lesson is, and then let it go.”
05:13 – 05:22 “The education process in and of itself is a valid goal and objective, and you’re only going to get that by beginning.”