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E110: Cultivating Your Unique Podcasting Voice & Developing a Personal Style

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In this episode, we explore the importance of avoiding gimmicks in order to maintain interest without detracting from the podcast’s objective. We discuss the process of developing a personal style and finding your unique voice in the space. Additionally, we delve into the significance of embracing useful feedback while filtering out irrelevant criticisms.

Key Points
• Gimmicky sound effects may initially seem fun, but they can take away from the overall message and dilute the podcast’s objective.
• Cultivating a personal style and unique voice in podcasting takes time and involves experimentation.
• Feedback is vital for growth, but it’s important to distinguish between useful, critical feedback and irrelevant opinions.
• Look for feedback that helps you enhance the engaging aspects of your podcast and ignore feedback unrelated to the content.
• Focus on the positive feedback that offers suggestions to improve specific parts of the show without relying on gimmicky elements.
• By finding your podcasting voice and avoiding excessive gimmicks, the quality of your shows and guest experiences will greatly improve.

Best Quotes
02:39 – 02:46
• “Cultivating that voice takes time, and you might have to go through the gimmick route to get there.”

03:49 – 03:56
• “Look for the folks that want to give you positive feedback, even if it comes from a critical angle.”

04:09 – 04:19
• “As you find your podcasting voice, the quality of the shows you produce will get a thousand times better.”