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E30: The Power of Podcasts with Jeff Sirkin and Sean Boyce

This episode, I’m joined by Jeff Sirkin and Sean Boyce to discuss the problems of relying on your referral network for leads, how podcasting can help with networking and how podcasts help build their host’s credibility.

Jeff Sirkin is the Founder and CEO of Sirkin Research and host of the Long Story Short podcast.

Sean Boyce has run his own consultancy firm NxtStep Consulting for over 10 years and is the founder of Podcast Chef where he offers full-service podcast management. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How Jeff got his first customers for
  • Signals that you need to stop relying on your referral network.
  • How podcasting can help with networking.
  • How to establish real connections with your prospects.
  • The challenge of imposter syndrome when podcasting.
  • How to build credibility through podcasts.
  • The surprise problems podcasts solve.


Connecting with Jeff Sirkin:

Connecting with Sean Boyce:

Connecting with the host:


  • 02:33 – “The biggest thing for me was more a matter of control. Referrals are great but there’s really no rhyme or reason for when they come in.”
  • 22:55 – “It really bestows this credibility upon you, the idea that having a podcast, and having some of the guests I’ve had on, and having done it for a year and a half now, gives me the credibility to speak at conferences.”

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