Reading Time: 2 minutes

E95: Powering Your Marketing Strategy: A Deep Dive into Cohesiveness

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Unpack the importance of integrated marketing strategies in this enlightening episode. We reveal the dangers of ‘shiny penny syndrome,’ emphasizing instead the value of a cohesive approach across various platforms. Learn the art of interconnecting your podcast, YouTube channel, website, and other tools with inclusivity, all aimed towards supporting and enhancing your marketing game. Discover how to direct traffic to your marketing program and move people up and down your funnel effectively.

Key Points
• The perils of the shiny penny syndrome in marketing.
• The importance of constructing a cohesive marketing system.
• Smart ways to interconnect your podcast, YouTube channel, and website.
• Techniques for directing traffic to all parts of your marketing program.
• How to effectively move people up and down the sales funnel.

Best Quotes
00:01 – 00:32
• “One of the things we try and avoid in the marketing space is the shiny penny syndrome or random acts of marketing. Marketing should be informed and inform a broader system, and it should be enhanced and supported by all the tools that you have at your disposal up to and including a podcast, maybe your YouTube channel, a website, any offline materials you have, your sales support, documentation, all that kind of stuff, all those artifacts of sales.”

00:32 – 00:55
• “As you are building out that system, you want to try and increase cohesion as much as you can across all of the moving pieces. That means in your podcast, you might have commercials that reference content that’s on your YouTube channel. In your YouTube channel, you might reference an upcoming guest you have on your podcast or an article you have to read on your website.”

00:55 – 1:10
• “When you start to feather all these materials together, what you’re gonna find is that they strengthen each other and they build and support each other. Now, it’s not, it’s true that not every person that reads an article on your website is gonna be the same person that listens to a podcast, but what you wanna do is make sure that you are using those things interconnected in a way to help lift each other.”

01:21 – 01:43
• “So if there is a great compelling interview to support the article that you have on your website, and you have gotten that from a podcast, by all means, at the bottom of that article, reference your podcast, link to it, include a player, what have you. In the same way, if you talk about an article that’s on your website during an episode, you’re gonna wanna link that in the show notes.”

01:44 – 2:00
• “As you start to build this cohesion, traffic is going to start feeding all of the pieces of your marketing program, and it’ll help move people up and down the funnel as needed. So when you are trying to encourage folks to really go from a maybe a less informed buyer through that buying decision down to the point of transaction, they may need different kinds of information, and in some cases, that is best delivered in different formats.”