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E94: Optimizing Your Podcasts – Solo vs Interview style vs Panel Discussion

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Explore the world of podcasting with us as we delve into the pros and cons of doing it solo versus bringing guests onboard. Arm yourself with unique insights that could potentially revolutionize your approach to podcasting!

Key Points
• One Person Podcasting: more control on content and logistics.
• Strengths of Interview Style: exploration of unfamiliar content and opportunities.
• Access to guests’ networks: invaluable exposures.
• Importance of variety in podcasting: deal with specific topics differently.
• The learning process: benefiting from challenges and external variables.

Best Quotes
00:41 – 00:49
• “One of the strengths [of the solo style] is there’s no coordination, so there’s no upfront costs for trying to get people on. You don’t really have a ton of challenges with logistics or any of that kind of stuff. You don’t have to balance things like audio quality in the environment. You have a ton more control over the environment, but you also have a ton of editorial controls.”

01:46 – 01:59
• “And probably the single greatest reason why you should almost always do an interview style show is that you get access to the guests network, the guests network, the person who’s on your show.”

03:27 – 03:44
• “One of the things that we’re working on with our clients on the newer, our newer clients is to build a combination of the three of these where you have the individual topic base shows, you do an interview style, and then once a month or once a quarter, you do a panel base kind of show.”

04:01 – 04:15
• “This will give you the strongest platform to work from and start you down the learning process very quickly. The interviews will challenge you as a podcast host and as a business owner, and you’ll learn a ton of stuff.”

04:30 – 04:40
• “If you’re doing it the same way that you’ve always done it and you’re all by yourself, that learning process just comes along slower. That’s the nature of that, that kind of setup.”

04:40 – 04:47
• “So as you’re going out and building your podcast, step one, build the Interview style podcast and figure out who should be on it.”